Windows10 installed capacity has exceeded 25 million

July 29th, Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 operating system, and all the genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can free upgrade to Windows 10. And media reports, after Microsoft Windows 10 official version released a week, the installation has been more than 25000000, and even has reached 27 million.


Microsoft had previously said that in the 24 hours after the Windows 10 official version released, there are 14 million devices upgrade to the Windows 10, then this figure soared to 67 million, it is fastest in the history of the most popular operating system.

However, according to the news broken, 67 million is not accurate, it should be only predetermined number of devices to upgrade Windows 10. But from now more than 25 million devices view, the ultimate goal of Microsoft to reach 1 billion in three years devices should not be a problem.

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