Windows 10 mobile phone version first screen screenshot exposure

At present, Microsoft system update action seems to be somewhat slow, has been released for some time Windows 10 mobile phone version is not able to allow users to experience. Now finally have the media exposure Windows 10 mobile version of the firmware of the screenshots, first take a look at it.

windows 10 mobile phone version



This firmware version is Build10070, allegedly from the Samsung ATIV models, but the media said the firmware at present in the mobile phone is very unstable, there are a lot of bugs.

As you can see, under the 4 row of large icons (large screen models) condition, the Windows 10 mobile phone version beginning screen magnet distance between the screens has narrowed, the magnet becomes larger, more compact, and other basic style has not changed, still is a simple icon and a flat magnet. In addition, Windows 10 mobile phone version still support transparent magnetic stickers display wallpaper, but some default official application still does not support transparent display, such as games, HERE drive, Skype etc.. At the same time, we also found a new application of the “Word Preview”, it is possible that Microsoft’s upcoming general office applications.

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