Samsung SE790C surface reconstruction of the display of the image of the legend

After the first surface SD590C launched and get the big popular, samsung continue to develop the surface technology to more high-end field. The SE790C 34 inches surface panel display released at the the Early year of 2015, not only has 3440 x 1440 ultra – WQHD resolution, more fully in accordance with the current mainstream Hollywood AnamorphicScope proportion design at the super wide screen 21:9, make broad movie screen fill your whole vision.

Samsung SE790C can bring near cinematic visual shock, the another reason is that, at present mainstream public display products is 16:9 aspect ratio, but the original ratio of HD movies sources is 2.35:1. Therefore we use monitors to watch the movie, the up and down will have two black bars, Samsung SE790C use the 21:9 ratio is very close to the ratio of the length and width of the film sources, so does not appear black strips or other picture loss.

Samsung SE790C using Ultra-WQHD resolution (3440×1440), is about 2.4 times for the full HD products. Higher resolution, means that the display screen can display more pixels, the picture of nature will become increasingly sophisticated, let all the details can be clearly demonstrated in front of the user.

Many movie scene has complex light changes, so it will demand high degree for the display the color reduction and contrast of light and shade, in order to ensure the best display effect, Samsung SE790C applied with 178 degree wide angle panel, and improved the static contrast to 3000:1, is three times of the ordinary flat products, animation nature more rich, the color is more deep.

As Samsung first launched surface display products at 2015, SE790C not only has excellent function parameters, in terms of product details, the same full effort: dual built-in stereo speakers for video game enthusiasts bring perfect sound effects; no splash screen, filter blue eye protection technology, effectively alleviate the long time use of eye fatigue; and Samsung PIP (picture in picture 2.0), ethereal dual (picture by picture) and unique technology resulted in the synchronous display of the plurality of pictures will show the role play to the extreme, so that users can “while watching the film, while traders”, meet more entertainment and business requirements.

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