Google Will Release $50 Price Android One Mobile Phone

Android One is Google’s last year plan, which aims to make the Android system cover more developing countries. In order to achieve this goal, Google has teamed up with many OEM partners to create a number of highly competitive models. Google Anandan Rajan, head of Southeast Asia, said the company will launch a new program for Android One in the coming weeks, the goal is to launch $50 price smart phone.


$50 is already quite close to the price of these markets mobile phones from $20 to $30, which will help Google get the next batch of 1000000000 users. Although Google does not produce Android One hardware, but for those OEM partners Google has already set up the hardware standards. Google will be able to control the hardware specifications and software experience.


Anandan Rajan told to the financial times, although the Android One had previously been less than previously expected, but for this project Google is still very firm, the company will release a number of new Android One mobile phone in the next few months.

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