“DELL Engineers Association” 2015 goes to Shanghai

DELL Engineers Association”platform is designed to feed back the industry needs, communication technology and application, sharing expertise, and to create a IT business solutions tank.

“DELL Engineers Association” in 2015, China has 741 members, more than 1200 members of the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

On Dell virtualization solution scheme, dell network security solution scheme and the new storage solutions, Dell experts and the Dell Engineers Association conducted in-depth discussions.

DELL Engineers Association is the first technology communication platform in the Asia Pacific region that launched by Dell in 2012, and start from China. By 2015, there are 741 China members, and more than 1200 members of the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

“Dell engineers Association” platform is to build Dell Technical experts and partners engineer community communication, feedback needs of the industry, exchange of cutting-edge technology and application, to share the experience of experts and build this platform to a think-tank of a commercial solutions.

Dell channel sales director Yu Hua said: “through this platform, the association members can access to training opportunities, to understand and master the Dell servers, storage, management system, security, networking and cloud resolving scheme of the cutting-edge technology, and constantly improve the level of service; on the other hand, Dell can also listen to partner feedback by engineers, and engineer in evaluating the Dell products and solutions, in order to make quick reaction and together to improve customer service ability.”

“Channel partners is the key to our success.” DELL founder Mike DELL said. He said: channel partners is an important part of DELL’s overall growth strategy. We are fully committed to maintaining these relationships. We attach great importance to the unique insights of channel partners on the customer’s required IT solutions.”

After 2014 completion of the privatization, Dell completed transformed from hardware products suppliers to end to end solution provider, Dell channel partners also faces the transformation to adapt to the new demands of the market. As DELL’s partners also need to start from the needs of customers, to understand the needs of customers to provide a suitable solution.

To grow together with the partners, the DELL Engineers Association has designed a variety of training courses for members of the association. At present, there are three parts courses: the training course, the online training courses and the online community. To participate in the association of engineers can also through to enterprise users solve real solutions and training to enhance the personal level of IT knowledge and application ability, strengthen the overall strength in the market competition environment. Association established 3 years, DELL has been reflected in the cooperative partners, as well as a win-win cooperation, common development strategy.

The establishment of the DELL Engineers Association, once again confirms the long-term commitment of DELL’s investment in China channel market. China is DELL’s second largest market after the United States, but also the weight of future business development. Now, the Chinese team of DELL’s global business partners division helps about 13000 registered members to develop their own business. DELL Engineers Association project will also have a more positive impact on DELL’s business channels.

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