Chrome Compatible Bug in the latest Windows 10 Build 10525 Preview Version

This morning, Microsoft formally push the Windows 10 Build 10525 preview version to the beat users.

In this version, Microsoft was adjust theme color scheme for the system, the most significant change is the title bar color can also change with the system theme color. In addition to the title bar, the notification center as well as Cortana small part of the details of the color scheme also has changed.

Using the new version is a happy thing, but the Chrome browser fans are not happy, because the Chrome seems to be encountered compatibility problems in the latest version of Windows 10.


Feedback from the Internet, 64 – bit version of Chrome on Windows 10 Build 10525 version almost completely tragedy, after open will prompt “Aw, Snap!”, and all plug-in cannot be used.

In this version, 64 bit version of Chrome 43 also encountered this problem, changed to 32 bit version of Chrome 44 finally solve the problem. So, if your Chrome in the latest version of the Windows 10 preview encountered a problem, try to replace the other 32 bit version to try.

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