Apple Watch new patent handshake will be able to exchange data

Considering the smart watch screen area is very limited, if you want to exchange data between devices, is not a very convenient thing. Apple has its own ideas,in its new application for a patent, it is proposed a new technology based on motion sensor. In simple terms, using the technology of wearable devices (for Apple is that Apple Watch) the wearer to shake hands, bow or the action such as punch, automatically through the wireless way to exchange data. Users without even touching the screen with your fingers, which can obviously reduce the inconvenience.


Of course, you can also use different movements, the degree of intimacy with each other, to determine the range of data transmission, for example, first met two men shake hands, exchange could just contact information. If higher intimacy, even can exchange pictures, audio, and related applications (or including games, anime and SNS) contact information, etc.

At all, of course, we’re not sure whether apple will eventually add such function to their products, but it feels like, this will be very convenient.

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