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Do you need to update ASUS drivers? Here you can find all ASUS device drivers you want to download. You can use Driver Navigator to help you automatically update your outdated and missing drivers, or you can go to driver updater page to learn how to find and download drivers step by step. It is really a device doctor for your windows system.

As a professional team only focused on the drivers programs, driverdr add millions of new drivers to archive. Until now, it had 8200,000+ drivers in our archive. It provides the huge drivers database for you to download, and the newest drivers are added daily. Driver Doctor is your best helper to download ASUS drivers. Below is ASUS Motherboard device types, you can find the drivers you want to download and update.

Download Popular ASUS Motherboard Drivers

Model Rating File Name Size Download
ASUS A55-C Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS A55M-A Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS A55M-A/USB3 Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS A7A133 Server Motherboardfir1141e.zip762.79 KB
ASUS A7A266 Server Motherboardfir1141e.zip762.79 KB
ASUS A7A266-E Server Motherboardfir1141e.zip762.79 KB
ASUS A8N-E Server MotherboardXPCnQ_1222.zip4.39 MB
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Server MotherboardXPCnQ_1222.zip4.39 MB
ASUS A8N5X Server MotherboardXPCnQ_1222.zip4.39 MB
ASUS AMD Motherboardeide141g.zip8.46 MB
ASUS AT3GC-I Server MotherboardRTL81118112_LAN_V735222009_WIN7.zip6.01 MB
ASUS AT3GC-I/NA/SI MotherboardRTL8112L_V57367282009_WinXP.zip5.52 MB
ASUS AT3IONT-I DELUXE MotherboardRTL8112L_V768202009_WIN7.zip5.83 MB
ASUS AT3IONT-I MotherboardRTL8112L_V768202009_WIN7.zip5.83 MB
ASUS B75M-A MotherboardIntel_USB3_V105235_Win7.zip5.81 MB
ASUS Blitz Extreme Server MotherboardJMB363_Controller_V117494_XPVistaWin7.zip5.38 MB
ASUS Blitz Formula Server MotherboardJMB363_Controller_V117494_XPVistaWin7.zip5.38 MB
ASUS C60M1-I MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CUA Server Motherboardfir1141e.zip762.79 KB
ASUS CUA266 Server Motherboardfir1141e.zip762.79 KB
ASUS CUEP2-M Server Motherboardadiwxp_30.zip4.43 MB
ASUS Crosshair II Formula Server MotherboardAMD_Live_V1010_XPVista.zip3.44 MB
ASUS Crosshair III Formula Server MotherboardRTL8111C_Ethernet_V621010032008_Vista.zip5.8 MB
ASUS Crosshair Server MotherboardAD1988_Vista_61016110.zip4.96 MB
ASUS E2KM1I-DELUXE MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS E35M1-I MotherboardRealtek8111E_LAN_V5770_6243_731_XPVistaWin7.zip18.54 MB
ASUS F1A55 R2.0 Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS F1A55 Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS F1A55-M Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS H61M-A MotherboardIntel_Graphics_V614105412_XP.zip55.15 MB
ASUS H61M-A/USB3 MotherboardAsmedia_USB3_V11620_XPVistaWin7_8.zip5.29 MB
ASUS Intel Motherboard81x63_wxp.zip6.27 MB
ASUS K8N Server MotherboardALC850_5-10-00-5865.zip15.46 MB
ASUS K8N4-E DELUXE Server MotherboardACPI_Driver.zip70.35 KB
ASUS K8N4-E Server MotherboardACPI_Driver.zip70.35 KB
ASUS L1N64-SLI WS Server MotherboardAD1988_Vista_61016110.zip4.96 MB
ASUS L1N64-SLI WS/B Server MotherboardSoundMAX_Audio_61016270_vista32bit.zip11.62 MB
ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS/ION/SI Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS M4A77T SI Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS M4A78-VM IN/SI Server MotherboardAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS Maximus III Extreme MotherboardRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS Maximus III Formula MotherboardIMSM_V8901023.zip23.61 MB
ASUS Maximus III Gene MotherboardRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS Motherboard Socket479 N4L-VM DHTekoa_91340.zip65.01 MB
ASUS P3C-D Server Motherboardcm275a_wxp.zip2.63 MB
ASUS P4B Server Motherboardalc201_wxp.zip167.2 KB
ASUS P4B266 Server Motherboardcm288_wxp.zip3.1 MB
ASUS P4B266-C Server Motherboardcm275a_wxp.zip2.63 MB
ASUS P4T Server Motherboardlan_i513.zip40.69 MB
ASUS P4T-CM Server Motherboardsigmatel.zip2.22 MB
ASUS P4T-F Server Motherboardalc201_wxp.zip167.2 KB
ASUS P5G41-M EVO Server MotherboardRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS P5G41-M SI Server MotherboardRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS P5G41-M SI/DVI Server MotherboardRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS P6T Deluxe MotherboardRTL8111C_Ethernet_V621010032008_Vista.zip5.8 MB
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 MotherboardMarvell88SE6111_SATA_V12069_Windows7.zip1.52 MB
ASUS P6T MotherboardRTL81118112_LAN_V735222009_WIN7.zip6.01 MB
ASUS P7H55-M SI MotherboardVIA_Audio_V6017600.zip50.26 MB
ASUS P7H55-M/BR MotherboardRTL8112L_V768202009_WIN7.zip5.83 MB
ASUS P7P55 LX/JOOYON/SI MotherboardVIA_Audio_V6017600.zip50.26 MB
ASUS P9X79 DELUXE MotherboardAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
ASUS P9X79 LE MotherboardAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
ASUS P9X79 MotherboardAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
ASUS SK8N Server Motherboardrtl8100c_451505.zip2.42 MB
ASUS SK8V Server Motherboard378ata_100104528.zip959.32 KB
ASUS SiS Motherboards65v25a_w2kxp.zip14.82 MB
ASUS Z7S WS Server MotherboardIntelChipest_MakeDisk.zip1.38 MB
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