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ASUS Eee PC Series Drivers Download


Do you need to update ASUS drivers? Here you can find all ASUS drivers you want to download. You can use Driver Navigator to help you automatically update your outdated and missing drivers, or you can go to driver updater page to learn how to find and download drivers step by step.

As a professional team only focused on the drivers programs, DriverDR (Driver Doctor) add millions of new drivers to archive. Until now, it had 8200,000+ drivers in our archive. It provides the huge drivers database for you to download, and the newest drivers are added daily. DriverDR is your best helper to download ASUS drivers. Below is ASUS Eee PC Series drivers types, you can find the drivers you want to download and update.

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Download Popular ASUS Eee PC Series Drivers

Model Rating File Name Size Download
ASUS 1000/XP Eee PCChipset_XP_080827.zip26.33 MB
ASUS 1000H/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HA/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HAE Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HC Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HD/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HE Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HG Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1000HT Eee PCETD7043_XP_WHQL.zip3.98 MB
ASUS 1000HV/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 1001HA Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1001HAG Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1001HT Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1001P Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1001PG Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1001PQ Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1001PQD Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1001PX Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1001PXD Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1002H Eee PCBluetooth.zip130.96 MB
ASUS 1002HA/XP Eee PCChipset.zip26.33 MB
ASUS 1002HAE Eee PCChipset.zip26.33 MB
ASUS 1003HAG Eee PCBluetooth.zip130.96 MB
ASUS 1004DN Eee PCBluetooth.zip130.96 MB
ASUS 1005HA Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1005HAB Eee PCChipset.zip26.7 MB
ASUS 1005HAG Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1005HA_GG Eee PCChipset.zip26.7 MB
ASUS 1005HE Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1005HR Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS 1005P Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1005PE Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1005PEG Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1005PG Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1005PR Eee PCTP-S-13_2_6_1.zip30.53 MB
ASUS 1005PX Eee PCTouchpad.zip26.54 MB
ASUS 1005PXD Eee PCTouchpad.zip26.54 MB
ASUS 1008HA Eee PCLAN.zip5.06 MB
ASUS 1008HAG Eee PCLAN.zip5.06 MB
ASUS 1008P Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1011BX Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1011CX Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 1011PX Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015B Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1015BX Eee PCTouchpad.zip26.54 MB
ASUS 1015CX Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 1015E Eee PCChipset_Intel_Win8_32_64_Z9301025.zip4.2 MB
ASUS 1015P Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PD Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PDG Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PE Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PED Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PEG Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PEM Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PN Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1015PW Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015PX Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS 1015T Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1016P Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1016PT Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1018P Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1025C Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 1025CE Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 1101HA Eee PCBT-253-6_2_0_9600.zip59.56 MB
ASUS 1101HAB Eee PCCamera.zip3.26 MB
ASUS 1101HAG Eee PCLan-AAR8132-1_0_0_23.zip4.61 MB
ASUS 1101HA_GG Eee PCCamera.zip3.26 MB
ASUS 1201HA Eee PCBT-253-6_2_0_9600.zip59.56 MB
ASUS 1201HAB Eee PCLAN.zip5.05 MB
ASUS 1201HAG Eee PCBT-253-6_2_0_9600.zip59.56 MB
ASUS 1201K Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1201N Eee PCBT-253-6_2_0_9600.zip59.56 MB
ASUS 1201NL Eee PCAudio-RALC269Q-V6_0_1_5948.zip66.01 MB
ASUS 1201PN Eee PCBlueTooth-V5_5_0_7900.zip105.45 MB
ASUS 1201T Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS 1215B Eee PCVGA-8_982_7_WHQL_120808a-144904C_Win8-Asus.zip212.81 MB
ASUS 1215BT Eee PCASUS-Audio_V6_0_1_6293.zip115.29 MB
ASUS 1215N Eee PCLAN.zip5.21 MB
ASUS 1215P Eee PCLAN.zip5.21 MB
ASUS 1215T Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS 1225B Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 1225C Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS 2G Surf/XP (700X/RU) Eee PCChipset_XP_080125.zip26.3 MB
ASUS 4G Surf/XP Eee PCACPI_XP_071011.zip4.6 MB
ASUS 4G/XP (4G - X) Eee PCSplendid_XP_080717.zip16.92 MB
ASUS 701SD/XP Eee PCLAN.zip2.91 MB
ASUS 8G/XP Eee PCACPI_XP_071011.zip4.6 MB
ASUS 900/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 900A/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 900AX Eee PCAZ_RT2860_Win7_3_1_8_2_20100804_Asus.zip6.27 MB
ASUS 900HA/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 900HD/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 900SD/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 901/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 904HA/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 904HD/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS 904HG Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS MK90H Eee PCChipset-I945-9_1_1_1016.zip2.41 MB
ASUS R011CX Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R011PX Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R015PX Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051B Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R051BX Eee PCETD8_0_5_3_ps2drv_WHQL.zip62.33 MB
ASUS R051CX Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R051E Eee PCChipset_Intel_Win8_32_64_Z9301025.zip4.2 MB
ASUS R051P Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051PD Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051PED Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051PEM Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051PN Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R051PW Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051PX Eee PCChipset-TNM10-V9_1_1_1020.zip2.86 MB
ASUS R051T Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R052C Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R052CE Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R061P Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R061PT Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R081P Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R101 Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS R101D Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R102E Eee PCAudio_Realtek_Win7_8_VER6016839.zip69.4 MB
ASUS R105 Eee PCSynaptics_v14_0_16.zip31.47 MB
ASUS R105D Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R11CX Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R251B Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R251N Eee PCLAN.zip5.21 MB
ASUS R251P Eee PCLAN.zip5.21 MB
ASUS R251T Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS R252B Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS R252C Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS S101/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS S101H/XP Eee PCAsus_ACPI_Driver.zip654.26 KB
ASUS SUPER10C Eee PC6373_PG322_Win7_XP.zip108.63 MB
ASUS T101MT Eee PCAHCI-8_9_0_1023.zip205.97 KB
ASUS T91 Eee PCLAN.zip3.07 MB
ASUS T91MT Eee PCAudio-RALC269-6_0_1_5924.zip59.04 MB
ASUS VX6 Eee PCLAN.zip5.21 MB
ASUS VX6S Eee PCNE785H_V8_0_0_238_W7.zip32.31 MB
ASUS X101 Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS X101CH Eee PCKBFilterV1_0_0_3.zip8.76 MB
ASUS X101H Eee PCIntel_VGA_Pineview_Driver_V814_10_2364_for_W7.zip22.34 MB
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