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Do you need to update ASUS drivers? Here you can find all ASUS drivers you want to download. You can use Driver Navigator to help you automatically update your outdated and missing drivers, or you can go to driver updater page to learn how to find and download drivers step by step.

As a professional team only focused on the drivers programs, DriverDR (Driver Doctor) add millions of new drivers to archive. Until now, it had 8200,000+ drivers in our archive. It provides the huge drivers database for you to download, and the newest drivers are added daily. DriverDR is your best helper to download ASUS drivers. Below is ASUS Consumer drivers types, you can find the drivers you want to download and update.

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Model Rating File Name Size Download
ASUS CG1130 Desktop PCNvidiaVGA_Win8_91813614.zip378.17 MB
ASUS CG1330 Desktop PCRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS CG5270 Desktop PCRTL81118112_LAN_V735222009_WIN7.zip6.01 MB
ASUS CG5275 Desktop PCIntel_Chipset_V9111023_XpVistaWin7.zip5.71 MB
ASUS CG5285 Desktop PCIMSM_V8901023.zip23.61 MB
ASUS CG5290 Desktop PCRTL81118112_LAN_V735222009_WIN7.zip6.01 MB
ASUS CG5375 Desktop PCRTL8112L_V768202009_WIN7.zip5.83 MB
ASUS CG6145 Desktop PCNvidiaVGA_Win8_91813614.zip378.17 MB
ASUS CG6155 Desktop PCNvidiaVGA_Win8_91813614.zip378.17 MB
ASUS CG6190 Desktop PCNvidiaVGA_Win8_91813614.zip378.17 MB
ASUS CG6191 Desktop PCNvidiaVGA_Win8_91813614.zip378.17 MB
ASUS CG7435 Desktop PCRealtekLAN_57543082010_62353042010_7173042010.zip18.39 MB
ASUS CG8250 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006235_Xp_V6016235_VistaWin7.zip117.82 MB
ASUS CG8265 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102372_XPVistaWin7.zip422.92 MB
ASUS CG8270 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102598_Win7.zip395.14 MB
ASUS CG8350 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_v815102219_VistaWin7.zip126.38 MB
ASUS CG8480 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio__V51006570_V6016570_Win7.zip157.61 MB
ASUS CG8490 Desktop PCMarvellYukon_Ethernet_V111053_Windows7.zip1.35 MB
ASUS CG8565 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006468_V6016468_XPVistaWin7.zip135.81 MB
ASUS CG8580 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio__V51006570_V6016570_Win7.zip157.61 MB
ASUS CG8890 Desktop PCAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
ASUS CM1435 Desktop PCAMD_Chipset_V808810_Win8.zip170.22 MB
ASUS CM1525 Desktop PCAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CM1530 Desktop PCRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS CM1630 Desktop PCRTL8111BCRTL8112L_LAN_V735222009_Win7.zip6.02 MB
ASUS CM1730 Desktop PCATI_Display_Driver_v884000.zip161.44 MB
ASUS CM1730_CM1830 Desktop PCRealtek_Lan_V5786_V6247_V744_XPVistaWin7.zip18.76 MB
ASUS CM1735 Desktop PCAMD_Chipset_V808810_Win8.zip170.22 MB
ASUS CM1740 Desktop PCAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CM1745 Desktop PCAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CM1830 Desktop PCAzurewave_Wireless_V3010_Win7.zip5.1 MB
ASUS CM1831 Desktop PCAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CM1855 Desktop PCAMD_CoolnQuiet_V1320053_XP.zip7.03 MB
ASUS CM5340 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815101851_Windows7.zip53.5 MB
ASUS CM5425 Desktop PCRealtekALC1200_Audio_V51005657_V6015657.zip58.87 MB
ASUS CM5540 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815101840_Win7.zip53.48 MB
ASUS CM5570 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815101840_Win7.zip53.48 MB
ASUS CM5571 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51005859_V6015859.zip72.28 MB
ASUS CM5575 Desktop PCIntel_Chipset_V9111023_XpVistaWin7.zip5.71 MB
ASUS CM5671 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51005859_V6015859.zip72.28 MB
ASUS CM5675 Desktop PCRTL8112L_V768202009_WIN7.zip5.83 MB
ASUS CM6330 Desktop PCRealtek_V57821142011_624612302010_73712292010.zip18.6 MB
ASUS CM6331 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102598_Win7.zip395.14 MB
ASUS CM6340 Desktop PCVIA_Audio_V6019500_XPVistaWin7.zip100.58 MB
ASUS CM6431 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102598_Win7.zip395.14 MB
ASUS CM6630 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006251_V6016251_Windows.zip118.33 MB
ASUS CM6630_CM6730_CM6830 Desktop PCATI_Display_Driver_v884000_32.zip155.84 MB
ASUS CM6650 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006468_V6016468_XPVistaWin7.zip135.81 MB
ASUS CM6730 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006251_V6016251_Windows.zip118.33 MB
ASUS CM6731 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102598_Win7.zip395.14 MB
ASUS CM6830 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006468_V6016468_XPVistaWin7.zip135.81 MB
ASUS CM6850 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006468_V6016468_XPVistaWin7.zip135.81 MB
ASUS CM6870 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815102598_Win7.zip395.14 MB
ASUS CP1130 Desktop PCAMD_Chipset_V51010008V13049_XPVistaWin7.zip101.86 MB
ASUS CP1420 Desktop PCAMD_Chipset_V849300_XPVista.zip589.78 MB
ASUS CP3130 Desktop PCRealtek_LAN_V5790_V6250_V749_XPVistaWin7.zip18.86 MB
ASUS CP5140 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815101851_Windows7.zip53.5 MB
ASUS CP5141 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V815101851_Windows7.zip53.5 MB
ASUS CP6130 Desktop PCIntel_Graphics_V614105400_XP.zip55.52 MB
ASUS CP6230 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_V51006468_V6016468_XPVistaWin7.zip135.81 MB
ASUS CS6110 Desktop PCRealtek_Audio_v51006069_6016069_XPVISTAWIN7.zip94.14 MB
ASUS ES5100 Desktop PCRealtekALC1200_Audio_V51005657_V6015657.zip57.25 MB
ASUS ES5120 Desktop PCAWNE766_V1100.zip6.9 MB
ASUS K5130 Desktop PCAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
ASUS M11AA Desktop PCAsmedia_USB3_V11430_XPVistaWin7.zip5.17 MB
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